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The toodooo Restaurant Portal

Are you ready to join the toodoo Restaurant section?
You have come to the right place. 

Here you can upload all the details we need from you to add your restaurant to the tooodoo website.

If you have questions, please email

The entire process shouldn’t take longer than about five minutes if you have all the items ready.

Things that you will need during the process

Let's Get Started

Additional Info

Do you plan on showing specials on your restaurant's page?

This is what the specials will look like and the information we need from you:

Your Special's Main Title

A long description of your special that will be
used for the wide special promo area.

A short version of your special
(Example: Kids Eat Free Mondays)

The terms of your special (Example: maximum of 4 people per family, does not include peak holiday season or public holidays)

COUPON CODE (If you have one)

We also need:

For optimal results, the image should have the “hero” of the promotion on the right-hand side since the left-hand side will be covered with the details of your promotion