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Indulge in your guilty pleasures…
When you see these cup cakes, you will fall to your knees, raise your arms in the air and give praise to all things good, sweet and delicious. These little cup cakes are in a word, heavenly…and there are 2 boxes of 12 Cup cakes up for grabs.

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm…if you want a dozen cup cakes to have and to hold and to ravish…then this is what you have toodoo: Register on toodoo by logging in (top right hand corner) and drop a comment below. It’s an easy route to deliciousness!

What makes these cupcakes so special? Aside from the fact that they’re made with love by Litza Karatzoglou of Bedfordview, this is what she had to say “My cupcakes are always superfresh. I will never make something in advance and freeze it. All orders are baked and iced within 6 to 12 hrs of delivery/collection. So for example if an order is for 8am I will bake the cupcakes late the night before and wake up at 4am to ice them.” Prices depend on flavours and topping on cupcakes. But the current general guideline: Mini cupcakes: R5 each, Normal sized Cupcakes R12 – R15 each, Wedding Cupcakes: Price always given based on order (min price R15 each).

Lastly, any cupcakes that are left over get given to street kids in the Bedfordview area…so if you were ever wondering why the street kids on the East side are a smiley, chunky lot, now you know why…

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